A Passionate Fusion between two of the Worlds Best Pastimes - Africa’s Big 5 Safaris & Mountain biking

Ride Wild brings to you a fusion born of passion… passion for 2 of the worlds most popular activities - Mountain Biking and Africa’s Big 5 Safari’s.    

Imagine winding your way through pristine wilderness areas, coming face to face with iconic species, like Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra, Impala and if you are lucky enough, Elephant, Rhino or Lion - all on the back of your bicycle.

The mix of adrenaline with the peace and tranquility of the bush is an emotional experience that cannot be beaten.   The ability to access some of Southern Africa’s pristine natural regions sitting astride your trusted wheels  - close and intimate with the environment around you - is a privilege that only a few are ever able to experience.

Join the Ride Wild team and live your best experience today.

Big 5 Cycling Safaris